Manage your Delivery Boy

One click, assign order to Delivery Boy

This application gives a function which builds a link between Admin and the Delivery boy. Through this application, the admin can assign a delivery boy to order and track them.

Main Features

  • The admin can manage delivery boy configurations in the admin panel.

  • The admin and delivery boy both can receive notifications with regard to Order.

  • Admin can add unlimited number of delivery boys with location

  • The admin can create, manage and view the list of the delivery boys.

  • The admin can assign delivery boys to the orders.

  • Admin can track the status of a delivery boy.

  • The admin can approve/ disapprove the ratings which delivery boys receive.

  • The admin and delivery boy can have the Dashboard to manage the statistics (order and sales graph) of orders.

  • Admin can manage the delivery boy orders and the shipping configurations as well.

  • The admin can chat with the delivery boy and even the customer.

  • The delivery boy can chat with the admin and customer.

  • If a delivery boy is unable to deliver a product, the reason for the same can be typed so as to why the order was accepted but not delivered.

  • The order list details can be viewed by the delivery boy.

  • The delivery boy and the admin can see the comment history of a specific order.

  • Delivery boys can set their status as, online/ offline through the application and even update their details.

  • The Delivery boy can either confirm or decline the new order assigned to him.

  • OTP must be entered by the delivery boy to verify that the delivery is conducted by him to the right customer.

  • The customers can track the order from the order details page.

  • The customers can see his Express order list.

  • The customers can add reviews for delivery boys as well.

  • If need be, the customer can chat with the delivery boy and admin.

Plenty of Features